Second Year Course Descriptions (Land Survey Technician Certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree)

SUR 205  Survey Adjustments 

This course covers the concepts of random error theory and adjustment algorithms, the mathematical application of simple error propagation formulas and compass rule adjustments.  The course uses computer applications to perform least squares adjustments of survey networks and interpret the results.


SUR 235 - Boundary Law

This course is an overview of the legal aspects of surveying and the responsibilities of the surveyor.  Topics include excesses and deficiencies, occupation vs. title, encroachments, records of survey, ALTA surveys, boundary law, water boundaries, monuments, streets, and easements.


SUR 242 - Legal Descriptions

This course covers the analysis, interpretation, and writing of legal descriptions, proper form, controlling elements, metes and bounds, sectionalized land descriptions, special shapes, easements and rights-of-way.


SUR 245 - Public Land System 2

This course covers the use of the Public Land System as a system of legal control.  The topics covered include monumentation, area computation, section retracement, corner restoration and subdivision of sections.


SUR 247 - Photogrammetry

This course provides an introduction to photogrammetry as used in Land Surveying, with instruction on air photo interpretation, stereo photographs, mathematics, stereoplotting, orthophotography, field control for single and multiple model surveys, paneling principles and techniques and project planning.  The student is also introduced to the setup and use of the Wild A7 stereoplotter.


SUR 249 - Survey Research and GIS

Students learn to do research at county, state and federal offices, title companies, and private sources for boundary, control and utilities.  Several field trips provide exposure and opportunities to do individual research projects.  The course covers GIS as an information source.


SUR 250 - CAD for Surveying

This course introduces students to the AutoCAD software for the drawing and editing of figures, text and blocks, paper space and plotting.  It also introduces the AutoDesk Land Development COGO module for the preparation of simple surveying drawings.


SUR 251 - Advanced Computer Applications

This course is a continuation of SUR 250 with further applications of AutoCAD Land Development Desktop:  Labs include productivity training and preparation of finished drawings.


SUR 255 - Global Positioning System

This course is an overview of Global Positioning System (GPS) principles as applied to land surveying for centimeter accuracy measurement: position and vector observations, project planning, network design, static and kinematic techniques.


SUR 256 - Subdivision Design

This course covers the many aspects of land development from legal requirements, urban planning, zoning,  project planning and subdivision geometry to the engineering design of grading, drainage, streets and earthwork. 


SUR 257 - Geodetic Surveying

Geodetic Surveying relates surveying principles to the spheroidal earth.  Students are exposed to slope distance reductions, ellipsoids and datums, two-dimensional coordinate transformations.  Labs are related to GPS survey data and triangulation data.  Students are instructed in the use of State Plane Coordinates.  Spherical trigonometry is applied to the use of Astronomic observations.


SUR 261 - Basic Math for Land Surveying

This course covers the use of complex numbers, exponential and logarithmic equations, the graphs of trigonometric functions and trigonometric identities.  A module of this course covers the solution of spherical triangles using spherical trigonometry.


SUR 262 - Intermediate Math for Land Surveying

This continuation of SUR 261 covers sequences and series, inequalities, conic sections, and the concept of limits.


SUR 263 - Special Topics in Mathematics

This course, which is a continuation of SUR 262, includes an introduction to differential calculus as well as principles of statistics and least squares adjustments applied to surveying.


SUR 270 - Technical Writing for Land Surveying

This course provides training in a variety of document types including proposal letters, project scopes, field reports, business letters, contracts, advanced word processing, and final resume preparation.  The emphasis is on style, content and appearance of documents.


SUR 281 - Business Fundamentals and Ethics

This course covers basic accounting, project accounting, estimating, contract basics, licensing requirements, small business management, and the human relations topics of dispute resolution, workplace diversity, customer relations, marketing, professional organizations and professional ethics.


SUR 290 Cooperative Education

The student may substitute an approved co-op assignment in lieu of the Spring Quarter Practicum (SUR 214).  Prior departmental approval and/or permission of the instructor and co-op contract are required.